What’s The Difference?

An Exploration of My Courses

So you’re interested in taking one of my courses, but are unsure of which one is right for you. Narrowing down your options can be difficult. Plus, when it comes to the concept of “kink” there is no cut and dry, universally accepted definition. So let’s take a moment to go through the course options available so you can decide which one is right for you!

Electives (Sensual Domination): Sensual domination courses are designed to center around kink, fetishes and/or BDSM with me as your dominant professor. Most commonly, these courses focus on subjects like tease and denial, fetishes, smothering, strap on exploration, bondage, sensory deprivation and role play. We can always kick it up a notch and incorporate tutorials on corporal punishment, CBT/NT, electric play, humiliation and golden showers! Because the focus of these courses is kink exploration, lessons on intimacy and romance (GFE) are largely excluded, though some exploration on kissing and lessons on you providing me with all kinds of body worship are included!

Not interested in being dominated, but want to explore your fetishes or learn all about how to earn your PhD in cunnilingus? Yep, that’s included here too!

Core Courses (GFE): These courses are focused on the importance of intimacy, romance and connection. Lessons on passionate kissing, mutual masturbation (which may include a tutorial on my favorite toys!), reciprocal oral delights, tutorials on safer sex practices and many different delightful positions are all part of the syllabus here. And you’re bound to get a great lesson on the art of squirting and female ejaculation here too! Certain light kinks can be incorporated into our studies here, but are limited to things like foot fetishes, light hand spankings and light role play. And while I am happy to take a slightly dominant role in these courses and take the lead, if you are looking for a more robust kink experience that involves more preparation or accoutrements (think bondage, corporal punishment, CBT, electroplay, golden showers, strap on/prostate stimulation or certain role play based sessions) or you are interested in exploring your dominant side with me as the submissive, consider double majoring…

Double Major (Kink + GFE): Can’t decide between my Electives and Core Courses? Why choose when you can have it all! In these courses, we will explore all the subjects listed above in tandem. Think of it as the Dominant GFE!

Or perhaps you’re the one who would like to be dominant? If that’s the case, these are the courses for you! While I do tend to lean dominant, I enjoy teaching courses on the lighter side of submission. I enjoy and am experienced in subjects such as role play, spankings and light corporal punishment, body worship, tease and denial and light hair pulling. I also enjoy bondage and sensory deprivation as a submissive, but reserve those courses for established students.

I do not enjoy genital/nipple torture or heavy pain on me, receiving golden showers, choking, needle/blood play or FT

Please note that there is only a difference in tuition between my GFE and BDSM + GFE courses for one hour courses (+$100). All the rest are kink inclusive! The main reason for this is because I always begin these courses with a face to face conversation about interests, ideas, questions and limits (even if these things have been discussed via email). Furthermore, as noted above, Kink + GFE courses typically require specialized preparation. Ergo, it is highly recommended that you book at least ninety minutes for your double major course, especially if you have a variety of different subjects of interest. Otherwise, it’s difficult to guarantee that all of your desired subjects will be taught during this time (though of course I will try my best!)

Seminars & Master’s Program: These courses are designed to be fully immersive as they combine public and private time. Think of these as experiential courses designed to cover all the finer points of dating, romance, intimacy and connection! These courses start at three hours over cocktails and span over multiple days. And don’t think we’re limited to the traditional dinner and drinks! Fancy an outing to your favorite museum? Want to see a movie or a play? Perhaps a visit to your favorite arcade or bookstore is more your speed? The possibilities are endless! And remember, lessons on kink and BDSM can also be part of our private time together too! These courses are especially a good choice for those who may be especially nervous or perhaps want to gain experience and confidence in dating and romance.  


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