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While I certainly love to teach a variety of different courses, I'm an expert in these particular areas:


  • Squirting: As you may or may not know, I am quite the squirter and I would be more than happy to teach you all about the delightful world of female ejaculation. Rain poncho not required! Lessons on squirting can be incorporated into any course (and usually are included in my core courses unless otherwise requested).
  • Couples: It’s a special joy for me to be the fabled unicorn to the adventurous couple! Whether you are just beginning to open your relationship or have been exploring your fantasies together for years, I love nothing more than to be that very special guest star and conduit for your connection.
  • Threesomes, Foursomes and Moresomes: They say you’re only as good as the company you keep. I have to say that has definitely been my experience!
  • Disabilities: I am 100% disability friendly. I am always happy to work with you and your particular issues (whether they can be seen by the naked eye or not) to ensure that you get the quality connection and intimacy you deserve.

& Soul

  • The Inexperienced: Lack of experience in the realms of romance and intimacy are nothing to be ashamed of, but society can sure make people feel that way and the pressure to perform like a seasoned Casanova can put the zap on anyone’s confidence. I am always happy to take on students with little to no experience and offer compassionate, non judgmental guidance as we take this journey together!
  • The Self Conscious: I am no stranger to struggles with body image and self esteem. I know how difficult the journey to self acceptance can be. Rest assured though, when I say I am pansexual, I mean that in every sense of the word. Not only am I attracted to people of all different gender expressions but I am also attracted to all different shapes and sizes too. Let me offer you a respite from a world full of body shaming so we can explore all the things that make you beautiful and sexy together!
  • The Heartbroken: As someone who made the incredibly difficult decision to break of her engagement, I know first hand how hard breakups and divorces can be. I also know the struggle of wanting to get back into the dating scene, yet not wanting to get your heart wounded any more than it has been. Taking a course with me offers the best of both worlds: the intimacy and connection you’ve been longing for without fear of rejection and disappointment.

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Brunette Thick Escort Chicago